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Mosquitoes and other biting insects that feed on human blood are responsible for several health problems. Mainly in tropical climates, insect vectors as mosquitoes, flies or bugs will transmit  diseases as malaria, sleeping sickness, Chaga's disease, …Nearly half of the world population live in countries where there is a risk of infection with malaria. Furthermore, people travelling in these countries may contract this disease. The control of the insects can be at their breeding places by draining resting waters, or spraying an insecticide or a mosquito larvicide oil. Adult  insects can be controlled by space spraying (ULV or thermo-fogging) or by surface treatment with a long-lasting residual insecticide. Individual protection with repellent cream and treated mosquito nets is also recommended.

P.c.S. plays an important role in this industry as supplier of active substances and formulated products; most available for private labelling and backed by a technical support package. With the supply of the products, our company can also provide a total service to the industry, including formulation advice, registration assistance and technical support.


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>> Insecticides
  • Pyrethrum extracts 
Natural insecticide with broad spectrum of activity, extracted from the dried flower Chrysanthemum cinerariaefolium and available  as decolourised and dewaxed extract containing 25 or 50% pyrethrins (aerosol grade).
Non residual insecticide, with fast action and strong flush-out of insects.


  • Permethrin technical
Broad-spectrum pyrethroïd insecticide, available with isomeric ratio 25:75 or 40:60. Insecticide with long-lasting residual activity and biodegradable properties.


  • Deltamethrin technical
Broad-spectrum pyrethroïd insecticide, similar in use to Permethrin, but irritant (see our product Delta 100 Conc.).


  • Delta 100 Conc.
Industrial concentrate containing 100 g/l Deltamethrin. Easier to use in formulations than technical Deltamethrin.


  • Piperonyl butoxide
Synergist. Enhance the biological efficacy of some insecticide substances (e.g.: natural Pyrethrum, Bioallethrin, Tetramethrin, ...).
>> Rodenticides
  • Bromadiolone 2.5%
    Difenacoum 2.5%
    Brodifacoum 0.25%
Industrial concentrates for the production of anti-coagulants rodenticide baits.


Any other active substance available upon request at:  sales@pcs-belgium.com

 Technical data sheet available upon request at:   info@pcs-belgium.com 


Our product range includes Formulated products and also Active substances.


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>> Insecticides
  • Permethrin 10% EC
Emulsifiable concentrate containing 100 g/l Permethrin 25:75; stable as a concentrate or when diluted in water.
Specially designed for the production of water based ready-to-use insecticide sprays. With a long residual action, it can also be used in professional pest control operations. Available in 25 L. and 200 L.drums.


  • PM Smoke Generators
Smoke generators containing 13.5% w/w Permethrin 25:75. When ignited, they will emit an insecticidally active smoke to control flying insects, but also as an aid to control crawling insects. Provide fast and easy disinfestation in premises where conventional sprays are not appropriate. Available in 2 sizes depending on the volume to treat.


  • Delta 25 WP
Wettable powder containing 25 g/kg Deltamethrin. For residual surface treatment against flying and crawling insects. Particularly recommended for use on porous or absorbent surfaces. Available in 10 x 10 x 33 g. sachets, packed in plastic buckets, and in 25 kg fibreboard drums. 


  • Ultra TTM / PRM
Insecticide concentrate containing synergised pyrethroids for indoors or outdoors ULV (Ultra Low Volume) or thermo-fogging treatments against flying and crawling insects.


  •  Pyrethrum EC  550 
Emulsifiable concentrate containing synergised natural pyrethrum, specially designed for the applications requiring a quick action and leaving no residues. Stable when diluted in water, it can be used for the production of sprays in domestic hygiene or in combination with a residual insecticide for flush-out action and to increase its speed of action. Available in 25 L. and 200 L. drums.


  • Impregnated mosquito bed nets
Bed nets impregnated with Permethrin or Deltamethrin to protect against mosquitoes. Exist in different sizes for single and double beds. For aid programs, cheap and simple bed nets are available.


  • Mosquito bed nets impregnation kit
Kit specifically designed for the re-impregnation bed nets. Each kit contains a bottle of the insecticide re-impregnation solution, a pair of gloves and a bag.


  •  Sani Klorman
Chlorine sanitizer for water lines. Automatic chlorine dispenser for agricultural and food process water and environmental hygiene.
No wastage of chlorine occurs. It is only released on demand. Chlorination is supplied by Calcium hypochlorite tablets. 
One cartridge contains 10 tablets of 70 g. Calcium hypochlorite, with 65% active substance. 
One cartridge will be sufficient to treat 455 m³ water at 1 ppm.


>> Rodenticides

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